Explore Lauhanvuori - Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark, located in the southern part of the Suomenselkä drainage divide. Here you will find two national parks, mire conservation areas and numerous natural and cultural sites.

Hiking in the Geopark

Enjoy nature while refreshing and learning. In the diverse nature attractions of the Geopark, you can calm down or activate. Calm down by the pulsating springs or unwind with the charm of speed while cycling on the needle paths of the spacious pine forests.

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Explore the cultural heritage

The cultural sites, landscapes and traditions of the Geopark area tell the common history of the people and nature. Barren natural conditions, poor land and harsh habitat have always been a challenge for the inhabitants of the area. Many old customs still live in the Geopark.

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Routes and trails in the Geopark

Explore the attractions of the area by car, take a detour to the village roads by bicycle, hike to the center of the bog along a duckboard trail. There are many ways to explore the geopark.

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Four seasons of the Geopark

The Geopark offers wonderful nature experiences in all seasons. Nature that awakens in the spring, the abundance of summer, the limpidity of autumn and snowy winter call you to explore the Geopark all year round.

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Attractions in the Geopark

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