Four seasons of the Geopark

The Geopark offers wonderful nature experiences in all seasons. Nature that awakens in the spring, the abundance of summer, the limpidity of autumn and snowy winter call you to explore the Geopark all year round.

Geopark comes to life in spring

In spring, as the sun begins to warm and the snow and ice melt, the nature of the Geopark comes to life. Hiking routes and structures are fully open to hikers and bikers after winter.

The mire nature that wakes up after a long winter is startling. As the snow melts, white tassels of tussock cottongrass make the brushes of mires beautifully dotty. Listen to the courting of black grouses and forest geese, see huge wedges of cranes and observe curlews and numerous other waders from the bird tower. Restricted parts of national parks and mire protection areas guarantee nesting peace for birds.

Geopark in summer – a dream destination for travelers

In summer, the Geopark offers hikers and tourists the best. Nature is at its greenest, there is plenty to marvel and see. The nature of forests and mires is vibrant.

On a warm summer day, you can take a refreshing dip in a pond, lake or calm river. Spend a night in a tent or hammock and experience the magic of the Geopark’s summer nights and early mornings. The Geopark is full of events in a summertime: concerts, outdoor theater, markets and many more. Take a tour by bicycle and enjoy the diverse selection of events and services!

The Geopark charms the visitor in autumn

Autumn offers great opportunities to hike in the Geopark. In the Geopark, you will experience a Lapland-like atmosphere in the southern part of Finland. In the Geopark, also children may have easy access to exciting mires. Read more about mire destinations suitable for children.

The colors of autumn, the preparation of nature for winter, the autumn migration of birds and the spherical sunny autumn days are the ingredients for the best excursion days. Berries and mushrooms, the delicacies of forests and mires, await their pickers. On a rainy day and when the evenings get dark, you can just pull on the wool socks and warm up by the fireplace in the cottage.

Experience winter of the Geopark

Visit the Geopark also in winter! You can take a nice lunch trip to the campfire site, for example. There are numerous resting places with firewood freely available to visitors in the Geopark. On a dark winter evening, the starry sky appears infinite if you look on the edge of a wide mire. You may even see the blaze of northern lights.

There are hundreds of miles of well-groomed trails in the Geopark. With long and wide forest skis, skinbased skis or snowshoes, you can find your own favorite routes and your most enchanting places in the quiet winter nature of the Geopark. Read more about the wintery Geopark.

Main photo: Flora of Finland / Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

Welcome to the Geopark all year round