Charming spring of the Geopark

In spring, as the sun warms and the snow and ice melt, nature of the Geopark comes to life. Hiking routes and sites are fully open to hikers.

Enjoy the atmospheric events

Nature that awakens in the spring, warm weather and bright evenings attract to go out. During Easter holidays you can enjoy the nature and services of the Geopark.

Entrepreneurs of the area offer safe services for families and small groups to enjoy. For example, a bird watching tour to a mire led by an expert guide with delicious campfire snacks is an experience to remember.

You can easily buy services on our online store. Please also take attention to the coronavirus guidelines while visiting the Geopark. Geopark’s partner companies are responsible for arranging the events, so please ask for special instructions always directly from the organizers.

Photo: Ismo Nousiainen / Taikapolku

Here are some gems of the current offer of the companies of the area:

Country romance and nature experiences in Luomajärvi Horse Inn

Luomajärvi Horse Inn offers wonderful moments with horses, ponies and other domestic animals in a real old-fashioned rural setting. Read more on the Horse Inn’s website and book your own experience. Here are some examples of the offering:

  • Forest trip on ponies or horses by horseback or on horse-drawn carriages to the shed to enjoy a campfire
  • Farm day for the whole family
  • A leisurely Nordic walking trip with snacks
  • Canoe trip on the scenic Jyllinjoki river

Photo: Luomajärvi Horse Inn

Healing forest and dyeing plant tours of Outar in the National Park

At the Outar’s healing forest tour in Lauhanvuori National Park you can experience and observe the well-being effects of the forest. During the forest walk, you move slowly, do nature exercises that open the senses and enjoy nature. Excursions can be arranged for small groups on request. You can also take part in a ready-made series of excursions in May-July. Read more and buy your tour on Outar’s online store (in Finnish).

Also book already a dyeing plant tour for July. During the tour you learn to identify plants suitable for dyeing. Also several color samples will be introduced. When the guide tells you more about plant dyeing, you will enjoy wild herb tea and a relaxed atmosphere in the pine foprest of Lauhanvuori National Park. Read more and buy your tour on Outar’s online store (in Finnish).

Photo: Outar

The spring camp in SyVilla’s garden 

SyVilla offers you a unique opportunity to take part in the spring work of the idyllic courtyard of the former croft at the end of May and beginning of June. At the camp you can e.g. renovate the flower beds, the greenhouse and the vegetable garden, and plant summer flowers under the guidance of a professional gardener. You can also build insect hotels and birdhouses and paint the fences.

You can attend the camp on some of the days or on all of them. The price includes accommodation, meals, sauna, hot tub and outdoor jacuzzi, and on Saturday 5.6.2021 even smoke sauna. Read more, be fast and buy your gardening camp experience on SyVilla’s online store (in Finnish).

Photo: SyVilla

The spring season cakes of Valkoinen Puu Café

Treat yourself with the cakes and the other delicacies of Valkoinen Puu Café! The café offers seasonal cake flavors during the spring. You can easily and safely buy take-away cakes and other snacks from Valkoinen Puu Café. Enjoy take-away delicacies, for example, in the charming garden in the backyard of the café in Kauhajoki.

By purchasing products of Valkoinen Puu Café, you also support the company’s extensive, local cooperation network. In the products of the café local, organic ingredients are used whenever possible. For example, the cakes are made from organic spelt flour of Merinomi located in Kauhajoki. Read more on the website of Valkoinen Puu Café

Photo: Valkoinen Puu

Outdoor activities and saunas at Eteläpää

In the Tourist Center of Eteläpää, by the beautiful Lake Siikaisjärvi, you spend a nice time in nature and take a relaxing sauna. In Eteläpää, you can rent a rowing boat, a canoe or a fatbike, for example. Take also a round at the mini golf or frisbee golf course. The saunas of Eteläpää have just been renovated. Order delicacies and drinks for ypur sauna evening from Eteläpää’s restaurant and complete the sauna experience with a hot tub. The hot can also be rented outside the area. Read more on Eteläpää’s website (in Finnish).

Photo: Viveka Lanne

Enjoy the experiences offered by companies in the unique nature of the Geopark.

Enjoy the spring nature of the Geopark

In the spring you can experience the wonderful nature of mires. You can observe the migration of birds with binoculars or a telescope from bird towers. The towers will be opened to visitors after the snow has melt.

There is a wide range of bird species on the mires at spring time. Also in the fields of the Geopark you can often see huge flocks of migratory birds, such as geese, cranes and swans. The best time to observe birds is early in the morning. In open mires binoculars or a telescope is useful to see and identify birds that stay quite far away.

The mires are rich in waders as well as several seagull species and numerous waterbirds. The wild geese nest at the area, and black and willow grouses also live in the large mires of the Geopark. Many species live in the Geopark on the edge of their habitat – either in the northernmost or southernmost corner.

The restricted areas of the national parks guarantee birds peace to eat and rest during the most important migration period, as well as peace to nesting. Therefore, do not go to the restricted areas marked on the maps during certain times.

Photo: Seppo Myllyviita / Karvian Valokuvaamo

As the snow melts, the white-flowering cotton wool tufts make mires dotty. In wet terrain, you should stay on duckboards. In any case, waterproof equipment is necessary, as water also rises on duckboards in some places.

The cheerfully flowing streams and rivers are fascinating in the spring. Mires play a significant role in spring floods. Undrained mires store water, which reduces flooding in other areas.

Photo: Terttu Hemansson, Kauhanev-Pohjankangas National Park

After the winter, the routes and other hiking structures will open up for use of walkers, cyclists and others. Versatile routes lead to the best destinations in the Geopark. Read more about Geopark’s routes and trails. You can read about Geopark’s mountain bike trails in our article. The cycling opportunities in the Geopark area are being developed currently. The new routes and services are expected to be available as early as the cycling season 2022. Read more about the project.

There are several mire destinations in the Geopark that are also suitable for hiking with children. Read more in our brochure

Photo: Pasi Talvitie, Alkkianvuori

The spring nature of the Geopark charms the visitor.

Please take attention to the Outdoor Etiquette

While spending time outdoors, it is always important to take nature and other people into account. Respect nature in every way and keep pets on a leash. Prevent waste in advance. Bring your waste out of the terrain and sort them properly. By favoring marked routes, you can easily reach the best destinations and protect nature. There are own routes available for walkers, cyclists etc.

Photo: Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland, Outdoor Etiquette

The campfires are only allowed on the marked campfire sites. Even in the spring, the terrain can be dry, so always check the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website that the forest or grass fire warning is not in effect. If there is, it is strictly forbidden to set camp fires. Stay overnight only on the marked camping sites. Read more about the Outdoor Etiquette of Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland.

Photo: Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland, Outdoor Etiquette

Enjoy by the campfire

A relaxing moment eating snacks by the campfire is one of the highlights of the trip. You can even order food for your family or group ready for the campfire, or grab a snack from the cafés or restaurants in the area.

Photo: Ismo Nousiainen / Taikapolku

You can find sheds and other campfire places in the Geopark area on the Retkikartta map service. You can also find information about campfire sites on the municipalities’ websites. In most campfire sites there is firewood freely available to visitors. Fires are only allowed at marked campfire sites. Please also take attention to the coronavirus guidelines and the Outdoor Etiquette while staying at Geopark’s campfire sites.

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Lauhanvuori National Park

Respect nature and take other people into account while hiking in the Geopark.

The versatile offering of the Geopark’s businesses

The companies in the Geopark area offer high-quality and nature-friendly services for both day travelers and long-term travelers. Check out the wide range of services in the area on our website.

Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere, Korsuretket

Enjoy Geopark destinations on a guided tour led by a local professional guide. You can also rent a bicycle for your own adventures, for example. After hiking in nature, it is nice to treat yourself with treatments and relax in the sauna. Enjoy the delicacies offered by cafés and restaurants of the area. You can find farm products, handicrafts and other local gifts in farm shops and small boutiques.

Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere, Korsuretket

Accommodation options in the area cover a wide range from hotels to hostels and from cottages to rural accommodation. In the area, you can also stay in Tentsile or AuroraHut.

Photo: Toron kievari, Ahmalampi Hut Village

Enjoy the Geopark by bike

In the spring, as the snow and ice melt and roads and paths dry up, bike routes are at their best. You can explore the Geopark and its sites comfortably by bike. You can rent a bicycle from our area (in Finnish):

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Kauhaneva-Pohjankankangas National Park

Experience the Geopark through a film

Get to know the inhabitants, the culture and the nature of the area through the Geopark’s In a blink of an eye promotional film. What we see in a blink of an eye is the result of billions of years of geological evolution.

Watch the video on YouTube and enjoy!

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Alpon savanni

Main photo: Terttu Hermansson, Katikankanjoni, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

Welcome to the spring Geopark!