Tips for cyclists

Careful planning and advance preparation are an essential part of any bike trip to ensure an enjoyable, safe ride. Responsible visitors always take nature and other people into consideration in every phase of a trip.

Preparing for a bicycle trip in Geopark

Careful planning, preparation and anticipation are prerequisites for ensuring a successful trip. With the right gear and attitude, your bike trip will be unforgettable.

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Have a safe ride

Keep safety in mind when starting your plans. Thoroughly familiarise yourself with the destination and routes, also taking seasons and weather conditions into consideration.

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Visiting Geopark responsibly

A responsible visitor will maximise positive impacts, while minimising negative ones. Respect the nature and unique geological heritage of Geopark. Also take local residents into consideration and support local businesses.

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Outdoor etiquette

When visiting Geopark, respect nature, stick to marked routes, only camp and make fires at designated sites and pack out everything you pack in.

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Mountain biking code of conduct in  the National Park

Look after our natural treasures and each other. Read the Mountain biking code of conduct in the national park.

Did you check the rules? Read more on restrictions in the national park at each destination:

Keep to the trail! Check the trails that allow biking at each destination.

Alert others and slow down! The trails belong to everyone – let’s enjoy exercise and nature together!

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Image: Metsähallitus