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Family cycling

The whole family can enjoy cycling on Geopark’s easy road routes, which pass through beautiful rural landscapes. It’s fun to stop every now and then in little towns and villages.

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Geopark offers outstanding opportunities for bikepacking. When the mires are awash in gorgeous fall colours and the breathtaking autumn migration of birds starts, sunny autumn days provide the perfect motivation for hitting the trail. 

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Winter cycling

In the winter, Geopark is a paradise for cross-country skiers and snowshoers. Visitors can also savour the snowy landscapes from the saddle of a bike.

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Bicycle Diary (Fillaripäiväkirja) on National Parks’ routes

Jaska, of Bicycle Diary (Fillaripäiväkirja) fame biked through the landscapes of Kauhajoki, Karvia and Isojoki on national park routes, explored the Lauhanvuori and Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas national parks, and enjoyed the bright green of early summer on a long weekend trip in May.

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Velogi on the Kyrönkangas Museum road

On a beautiful late summer day, Velogi biked through the landscapes of the Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park on the Kyrönkankgas museum road, all the way from Nummijärvi in Kauhajoki to the Cultural Centre Skantz in Karvia.

Wathc the video on the YouTube-channel of Velogi.