From mire to mire or from tower to tower. Dive into the canyon and climb the cliff. Explore art or awaken your creativity with naturally dyed yarns. Geopark offers things to do for mind and body.

Experience Geopark by activities

You will have the best Geopark experiences with a local guide. Professional local guides will take you to the unique sites of the Geopark area and give you an in-depth look at the secrets of the wild mires and other natural beauties in all seasons and in a variety of ways. Companies in the area also rent mountain bikes and e-bikes, snowshoes and other backpacking equipment for independent adventurers.


Versatile hiking trail options lead you to the natural wonders of Geopark. The Geopark also has bike paths for riders of different levels and types. By bike, the landscapes change rapidly, and you have time to see more at one time. In Geopark, you can travel by bicycle instead of car and at the same time enjoy the natural, cultural and service offerings of the Geopark.


In addition to nature and cultural sites tours, companies in the area offer a huge variety of program services, from home-brewed beer and farm wine tastings to nature dining and peaceful hammock tours, and from arts and crafts workshops inspired by the natural and cultural environment to dramatic tours.


A cozy horseback ride through the terrains of Geopark is a great way to enjoy nature. Horse-drawn carriage rides are enjoyed by the whole family. A peaceful canoe or kayak trip on meandering rivers, small lakes or ponds is a Geopark experience at its best. Stand up paddle surfing on a calm lake on a summer night is a memorable experience. You can also admire the lake nature of the Geopark from the deck of an inland water cruise ship. The Geopark has good fishing opportunities and several popular rapids fishing spots.


In snowy weather, the quiet winter nature of the Geopark invites you to ski. The area’s trail network is extensive and well maintained. With forest skis or snowshoeing, you can also reach the magical atmosphere of a winter forest off-piste. Children and adults go wild in the frisky sledding hills of Geopark.


The offerings of the Geopark area also reach motorsport friends. The motorsports center in the area allows many sports to be practiced in a high-quality, safe and controlled environment. Muscle-powered daredevils challenge themselves at the tree tops level on the adventure park’s climbing track.


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