Enjoy the winter Geopark

Welcome to the winter Geopark! Explore the snow covered untouched mires with snowshoes, ski on trails and have fun on mighty sledding hills. Have snacks by a campfire and let the winter nature charm you. Enjoy the services offered by the Geopark companies and relax!


There are hundreds of kilometers of well-maintained ski trails in the Geopark. Take calm and enjoy the scenery or raise your heartbeat in varying terrains. Read more about Geopark’s ski trails in our article

Photo: Heini Tolvanen, Lauhanvuori National Park

Ski on an untouhched snow covered mires and experience the peace and quietness of winter nature. With wide and long forest skis, for example, you can reach places that are not accessible while the ground isn’t frozen and covered by snow. In summertime they can be too watery or they are protected areas for nesting birds and thus prohibited areas. Read more about skiing in the mire in our article.

Photo: Pasi Talvitie, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

It is very important to pay attention to safety on mires in winter. There may be watery and submersible spots under the snow. You must therofore be able to “read the terrain” and assess the conditions under the snow on the basis of them. It is safest to go to the snowy mire with a local guide. You can find service providers on our Activities page.

Photo: Kari Leo, Kauhanevan-Pohjankankaan kansallispuisto


You can also explore the winter nature of the Geopark with snowhoes or skinbased skis. Hike and visit destinations, even if the trails are covered by snow. Create your own routes and find fascinating places outside the trails.

Photo: Ismo Nousiainen / Taikapolku, Hyyppä Valley

Take an expert local guide with you for snowshoe adventures. With the guide, you will find the best destinations and routes and hear stories related to them. A local guide will ensure the safety of your trip. You can find guides on our Activities page.

Photo: Matti Hautalahti, Kammi Village



Jämi area: Jämikeskus (in Finnish), Jämi Sports (in Finnish), Korsuretket (in Finnish) and the Luomajärvi Horse Inn 

Kauhajoki: The city of Kauhajoki (in Finnish)

Lauhanvuori area: Lauhansarvi, Taikapolku and the municipality of Isojoki (in Finnish)

Parkano: SyVilla, the city of Parkano (in Finnish)


Jämi area: Jämi Sports (in Finnish)

Kankaanpää: Meggala (in Finnish)

Lauhanvuori area: Taikapolku

Photo: Juha Rantanen / Jämi Sports


You can also go winter cycling in the Geopark! There is a 23 km long fatbike route in Jämi maintained in winter exclusively for cyclists. Ride a bike in the ridge landscapes of Hämeenkangas, admire the Uhrinlähde and Kylmänmyllynlähde springs that are lively all year round, and take a nice break by a campfire.

Photo: Laura Koivumäki, Hämeenkangas

For more information on the Jämi winter cycling route, contact the Jämi Maat company that maintains the trail. You can also rent there electric fatbikes, which makes driving a route a pleasure. If the surface of the trail is hard enough, a mountain bike will also do well on the route.

Photo: Hanna Mäkinen / Jämi Maat


In the Jämi area: Jämikeskus, mountain bikes (in Finnish), Jämi Maat, electric fatbikes (in Finnish), Jämi Sports, fatbikes and mountain bikes (in Finnish) and Luomajärvi Horse Inn, fatbikes and mountain bikes

In Kihniö: Pyhäniemi Wellbeing, electric fatbikes

In the Lauhanvuori area: Isojoen eläinhoitola, fatbikes (in Finnish)

In Parkano: the city of Parkano, fatbikes (in Finnish)

In Siikainen: Tourist Center Eteläpää, fatbikes (in Finnish)

Photo: Jonna Helin Photography, Pyhäniemi Wellbeing


Both kids and the grown-ups go wild in the spectacular sledding hills of the Geopark, which can be found all over the area. Choose the nearest one or test several! Read more in our article.

Photo: Jari Salonen / NaturPro Films, Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland

Sledding will make you hungry for sure. It is so nice to sit down for a while and enjoy some snacks by the campfire. After sledding, enjoy a proper meal in a restaurant or treats in a café or take with you.

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Lauhanvuori National Park

Tour skating on tracks

Tour skating on a track is a very nice winter activity. Try ice skating at the Kauhajoki baseball stadium skating rink or on the slightly shorter course at Filppula School (in Finnish). Rent touring skates from Kesport Kauhajoki (in Finnish). Ordinary skates also work great.

There is also a skating track in Kankaanpää at the Riviera (in Finnish).

On the ice of Lake Jämijärvi, a wonderful skating track is maintained according to the ice and snow conditions. You can get information about the situation on the track, for example, from the municipality of Jämijärvi (in Finnish). Currently, there is so much snow on the ice that the route is not in use.

Photo: Laura Koivumäki, Jämijärvi

Have fun in the snowy Geopark nature


Companies in our area make sure that your visit to the Geopark is as relaxing and successful as possible. Treat yourself in cafes and restaurants or buy ready-made snacks for your nature trips. In the farm shops and boutiques you will find local delicacies, such as fruit wines and lamb sausages, as well as local handicrafts such as Geo sauna elves and hand-made ceramics.

Photo: Ronja Kuokkanen / Outar

Try relaxing wellness services such as peat baths and massages. Also relax in the soft steam in an authentic smoke sauna, for example. Stay in a hotel, inn, or cottage. Quality accommodation options for a wide range of needs are available. Check out our company’s services on our website. You can also easily buy experiences in Geopark’s online store.

Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere, Kirkkokadun Hyvän Olon Keskus



Stay in the Salaisen Puutarhan Majatalo Inn in Kauhajoki, in a beautifully decorated 19th-century rectory. The inn is located in a rural setting near the services of the town. Visit for example the Katikankanjoni ravine in Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park. After the hiking enjoy hot drinks and delicious stuffed sandwiches and lovely cakes at Valoinen Puu Cafe. Read more on the Inn’s website and Valkoinen Puu’s website.

Photo: Salaisen Puutarhan Majatalo Inn


Spend a winter holiday of your dreams in SyVilla! In SyVilla you will stay in a cozy setting, relax in the saunas and in the outdoor bath in the peace of nature by the Kovesjärvi lake. The main building accomodates ten people. Hike to a little island and sit by a campfire. Ski on the nearby trails or on the ice of the lake. You can also explore the environment with snowshoes. Read more on SyVilla’s website.

Photo: Hannu Raitio / SyVilla


Taikapolku takes you on a snowshoe adventures to the enchanting winter nature of Lauhanvuori National Park, the Hyypänjoki Valley and other Geopark destinations. With snowshoes, you’ll find new places outside of the trails. Walk calmly in varied terrain and enjoy nature. Snacks by a campfire will make the atmosphere. Read more on the Taikapolku’s website. You can easily buy your experiences in the online store.

Photo: Ismo Nousiainen / Taikapolku, Lauhanvuori National Park


At the Military Museum Karhumäki, weapons and other artefacts tell you about the wartime history. One of the attractionsis the Mig-21 fighter plane. There is also a village shop museum where you will experience the atmosphere of the 1960s and 70s. The Karhumäki Military Museum is open every week during winter holiday weeks 9 and 10. Read more on the Karhumäki Military Museum’s website.

Photo: Military Museum Karhumäki

Relaxing holiday in Lauhansarvi

Spend a wonderful winter holiday in Lauhansarvi next to Lauhanvuori National Park. Stay in a quality holiday villa and relax in the saunas. Enjoy the traditional smoke sauna, for example, take a peat treatment or choose a sauna with a hot tub. Read more on Lauha’s website and book your accommodation and sauna experience online.

Photo: Lauhatuotanto

Winter in Meggala Winery

Join the winery’s happy winter atmosphere in February! Meggala offers drinks as well as good food and mood and outdoor activities.

  • Afterwork on Fridays from 11.2., happy hour from 4 pm to 6 pm
  • On the restaurant day 12.2.moose stew and mashed potatoes as well as salmon soup are available
  • Moon trip to Sinahmi with snowshoes 19.2.
  • Shrovetide on 27.2.; sledding, horse riding, buns, hot chocolate etc.

More information from the farm’s hostess Sofia Latvajärvi, tel. +358 50 355 3878 and from Meggala’s website

Photo: Winery Meggala

The Geopark companies provide varied services


The highlight of a nature trip is to sit and have snacks by a campfire. You can buy ready-made delicacies from the area’s cafés and restaurants. Be enchanted by the blaze of the campfire and listen  to the sounds of the surrounding nature in peace.

Photo: Pasi Talvitie / Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

There are many nice campfire sites in the Geopark area which are for visitors free to use. You can find these places on the Retkikartta map service and on the Geopark municipalities’ own webpages. Making a campfire is allowed only in designated spots. Please also pay attention to Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland’s Covid-19 instructions and mind the Outdoor Etiquette.

Photo: Metsähallitus, Outdoor Etiquette


Get to know the inhabitants, the culture and the nature of the area through the Geopark’s In a blink of an eye promotional film. What we see in a blink of an eye is the result of billions of years of geological evolution.

Watch the video on YouTube and enjoy!

Photo: from the film

Main photo: Terttu Hermansson, Haapakeidas

Other photos: Terttu Hermansson, Pasi Talvitie

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Welcome to the winter Geopark!