Welcome to the wintery Geopark

The winter of the Geopark is full of activities. Enjoy cross-country skiing on maintained tracks, snowshoeing on quiet mires and downhill sledding. Have a snack by a campfire. The wintery Geopark has a charming nature and plenty of services to enjoy!

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Can we offer you a glass of Geopark sahti?

Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark's most surprising specialty is a natural product, but perhaps not the one that comes to mind first. The area has a very lively sahti tradition. Sahti is a farmhouse ale and an important Finnish product, as it has received the EU's Traditional speciality guaranteed -status.

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The history of the Geopark is scented by tar

The Lauhanvuori - Hämeenkangas Geopark area has a long history of tar burning. Kauhajoki in particular was known as a long-standing tar parish, and there have been a huge number of tar pits in the area's forests. What was tar production all about and how was it reflected in the nature and people of the area?

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