Spring cleaning of the Geopark

We challenged the schools of our area to clean up the Geopark with us. Let’s pick up the rubbish together and make the Geopark tidy for summer.

Melting snow reveals the debris

In the spring, as the snow melts, debris from the roadsides, parking lots and elsewhere is exposed. Candy papers, beverage cans, cigarette butts, used face masks and a wide variety of other waste do not make the landscape more beautiful.

Schoolchildren collecting garbage

Together with the schoolchildren from Jämijärvi, we put the cleaning gloves in our hands and cleaned up the surroundings of the school for a while. The spring sun warmed up comfortably, and we were able to stay outdoors even without jackets.

The pickers were extremely efficient, and the garbage bags filled up quickly. At the end of the pick-up, we examined the catch in more detail. We also considered what harm the rubbish can make for the environment. The rubbish was thought to be dangerous for animals and garbage looks ugly as well.

We concluded that the best way to avoid the annoyances caused by garbage is to always put the garbage directly into the right kind of bin. Also, you should always try to avoid the formation of debris in advance.

UN International Mother Earth Day

Through the Geopark’s spring cleaning challenge (in Finnish), we celebrate the UN International Mother Earth Day on April 22nd. The day encourages us to live in harmony with nature so that future generations can do the same.

Let’s clean up the Geopark together!

Let’s go out together, collect garbage from nearby nature and welcome spring. Please also share your photos on social media.

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Text: Laura Koivumäki

Main photo: Sofia Sillanpää, Soininharju, Hämeenkangas

The last photo: Sofia Sillanpää, Katikankanjoni, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

Other photos: Laura Koivumäki, Pasi Talvitie

Let's make the Geopark litter free together!