Experience Geopark’s Christmas time

In Geopark, you calm down in wonderful natural sites and enjoy quality services. Reach the Christmas atmosphere at Lauhanvuori - Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark!

The nature of the Geopark tells the story of the ancient mountain range and the transformation of the landscape into a low-lying mire rich area. You will feel the impact of mystical bogs and forests on local life and traditions through the cultural sites and the services of the area. Geopark’s Christmas offerings are presented in a brochure (only in Finnish).

Photo: Matti Hautalahti, Kammi-kylä

Take a walk in stunning landscapes, feel the atmosphere of the events, get to know the local people and the culture in the unique sights, enjoy delicacies that are made from local ingredients, and shop at the farm shops. Relax in sauna and enjoy natural wellness services. At the end of a memorable day, you will sleep sweetly in an idyllic cottage in the middle of the forest.

Photo: Tuukka Kiviranta, Valkoinen Puu

Please remember the general instructions for coronavirus and the instructions of Metsähallitus while visiting Geopark’s events and sites and when hiking in the nature. Check the event organizers’ own pages for possible delays and further information. Happy, safe and atmospheric Christmas time!

Photo: Terttu Hermansson