Enchanting autumn of the Geopark

In the autumn, you can experience the atmosphere of the north in the Geopark. The stunning colors of autumn, the preparation of nature for winter, the migration of birds and the sunny days call you for a hike.

Unforgettable autumn trips in the Geopark

Hiking in autumn when the air is fresh is a Geopark experience at its best. The mires are especially wonderful in the autumn. Hike the trails, cycle along the small roads or find some other way you like to explore the Geopark. You can find Geopark’s places to visit and routes on our Discover pages.

Photo: Pasi Talvitie, Kauhaneva, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

In the fall, forests and mires offer huge amounts of wild berries such as lingonberries and cranberries, as well as a wide variety of mushrooms, which one can pick freely. In the pure nature of Geopark, you can collect these ingredients of delicious food and at the same time also benefit from the well-being effects of being in nature. Read more on our articles Mother Nature’s convenience store and Forest baths in the Geopark.

Photo: Terttu Hermansson

On a rainy autumn day or when the evenings get dark, you can just pull on the wool socks and warm up by the fireplace of the cottage. Atmospheric accommodation options in the Geopark can be found on our Accommodation page.

Photo: Korsuretket, Pikku-Itävalta

For a mire trip with children 

The Geopark has several mire sites where hiking is easy, safe and comfortable even with children. Welcome to a mire adventure in the Geopark: pack your favorite snacks in the backpack and come to duckboard trails to admire the great colors of the mires! You can find the mire sites and the best tips for children in our article.

Photo: Laura Koivumäki, Vaarinneva, Hämeenkangas

Bike in the Geopark

It is worth exploring the Geopark and its destinations by cycling either alone, with a friend or with a larger group. Enjoy the countryside on the small roads or the forests and mires on the mountain bike trails. The Geopark’s routes are easy and also suitable for inexperienced cyclists. Read more about our biking tips in the article (in Finnish).

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Kauhaneva, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

You can rent a bicycle from our area:

Kuva: Pasi Talvitie, bike from e-bike Holidays

Use the services and enjoy your stay

The companies in the area offer diverse, high-quality and nature-friendly tourism services for day visitors and those staying longer in the area. For further information visit our Services pages.

Photo: Pasi Talvitie, Alkkianvuori

Taste regional cuisine in the Geopark’s cafés and restaurants. Skilled bakers and chefs prepare delicacies in which wild berries, mushrooms and other local ingredients have a main role. In the farm stores and boutiques, you make unique purchases.

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, cake from Kahvila-Konditoria Postelli

On guided tours and activities, you will enjoy the Geopark deeply. You can also rent equipment for independent adventures. After the outdoors, pamper yourself with wellness services. Stay in a cosy cottage or in a small hotel. High-quality accommodation options for a wide range of needs are available throughout the area.

Photo: UK-Majoitus


Picks from the current offering of our area

By the campfire in the Alpo’s savannah

Stay at the campfire site in the Alpo’s savannah ITE art park. In the campfire site only screws and nails are new. The legs of the benches are old metal and rubber rings, and the wood used is old too. The fire is made in an old pot. The firewood used to be a barrel of oil. The campfire site can be used freely as long as safety is ensured. Read more about the Alpo’s savannah and the Arts Route (in Finnish).

Come to the Alpo’s savannah campfire site on Wed 29.9. at 12 to 1pm. and make the Savannah Rose and discuss culture and rural villages. The event is part of a nationwide Rural Parliament. Read more about the event (in Finnish).

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Alpo’s savannah

Visit the Visit Suupohja website before a trip 

The versatile and inspiring Visit Suupohja tourism website presents the offerings of Geopark’s northernmost municipalities and their surrounding municipalities also outside the Geopark area. On the website, you will find Nature Destinations and Routes in the Suupohja Region, as well as cultural sites and accommodation, food, activities and other services. Read more on the Visit Suupohja website (in Finnish).

Photo: Visit Suupohja, Hyypänjoki Valley

Probably the best chocolate cake in Finland

Is the chocolate cake of Valkoinen Puu Cafe the best in Finland? Visit the Kauhajoki café, taste this delicacy which is the most popular in the selection and decide for yourself! Baked with locally produced organic spelt, the Secret Garden’s Chocolate Cake attracts customers to Valkoinen Puu cafes up to hundreds of kilometers away.

In addition to this favorite chocolate cake, the gluten-free and lactose-free apple-caramel brita and a gluten-free, velvety chocolate dream cake suitable for vegans are also just some examples of the delicacies offered in the cafe. Read more on the Valkoinen Puu website.

Photo: Valkoinen Puu

Sauna experiences at Kirkkokatu Wellness Center

After the hike, warm up in the saunas of the Kirkkokatu Wellness Center. Children have their own fairytale sauna experience, where fun sloth, teddy bear or flower masks can be used for skin care. In the sauna for couples, you relax by candlelight and enjoy the skin-friendly complaints of organic products. Read more on the website.

Photo: Kirkkokatu Wellness Center

Experience the unique Arts Route from Kammi to Skantz

Along the Arts Route, you can visit five magnificent destinations: Kammi-kylä Village, Alpo’s savannah, Anne’s Art Café, Karvia Church and the open-air museum area, and the Skantz Cultural Center.

Each destination on the route, located in the municipalities of Kauhajoki and Karvia, has its own story. Each site is full of detailed and unique art. Take the entire 37 km route or visit individual destinations. Read more on the brochure, the map and the website (all in Finnish), and take a closer look at the Arts Route.

Photo: The Arts Route from Kammi to Skantz

Delicacies and Geonalle products in Raijanholvi

Raijanholvi offers delicious home-cooked food at the lunch buffet. Jellies and jams for the cakes are made by self from local berries. For sale are Raijanholvi’s own finalist berry meringues as well as Geonalle’s products, such as hats, kuksas, mugs, booklets and dark blueberry chocolate with Geonalle’s picture. Read more on Raijanholvi’s web pages (in Finnish).

Photo: Raijanholvi

KykyDesign’s Art Diving

Finding talent is an art that focuses on involving people. The services of KykyDesign include cultural well-being services, where the main emphasis is on promoting health and well-being.

The new concept of the autumn is an experiential Art Diving (Taidesukellus®) workshop (3 h), which is well suited for companies or hikers looking for their creativity. Now it is time to book an activity for the Christmas seasons parties as well. KykyDesigns is located in the former Yrjänäinen school in Kauhajoki, but they can also come to you if necessary! Read more on KykyDesign’s website (in Finnish).


Get yourself warm and have snacks by the campfire

Enjoy snacks by the campfire. You can also sit down to eat and admire the scenery at the beak of any stump. When sitting and eating snacks, you have time to notice even the smallest details of the environment. You can buy snacks with you from the cafés and restaurants in the area.

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Lauhanvuori National Park

There are lots of great resting places in the geopark where you can spend time by the campfire. In most of the places there is firewood freely available to visitors. You can find most of the resting places on the Retkikartta map service. Information about other resting places you can find on the Geopark municipalities’ own websites.

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Lauhanvuori National Park

Outdoor etiquette

When hiking, it is always important to consider nature and other people. A smart hiker respects nature in every way, keeps pets in leashes, prevents debris from forming in advance, and brings debris out of the terrain and sorts it properly.

Please use marked trails and follow the rules for different modes of travel. Stay overnight only in marked camping areas.

Photo: Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland, Outdoor Etiquette

Campfires are allowed only on marked places. Always check the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website for current warnings. During a forest or grass fire warning, fires are strictly prohibited. Learn more about Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland’s Outdoor Etiquette.

Read more about how to act responsibly while visiting the Geopark.

Photo: Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland, Outdoor Etiquette


Get to know the inhabitants, the culture and the nature of the area through the Geopark’s In a blink of an eye promotional film. What we see in a blink of an eye is the result of billions of years of geological evolution.

Watch the video on YouTube and enjoy!

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Pauliina Lilja from Lilja’s Yarn Shop is knitting mittens with glass veranda pattern, Local History Museum of Siikainen

Main photo: Mirja Koivisto / Tarinakuva, Kauhaneva, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Parks

Other photos: Terttu Hermansson

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