Lauhanvuori - Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark offers its best in the autumn. Mires are particularly wonderful places to visit as they are glowing in bright colors.

Unforgettable autumn experiences at Geopark

Geopark is the nature tourism pearl of western Finland, whose landscapes and valuable natural sites attract more and more hikers and tourists.

There are numerous guided routes, places to visit and places to rest in our national parks Lauhanvuori and Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas, as well as in many other great excursion destinations. You can find information about them on our Discover pages.

Photo: Pasi Talvitie, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

Visiting mires with the kids

There are several mire destinations in Geopark, where hiking is easy, safe and comfortable, even with children. The new Vaarinnevankeidas mire nature trail (in Finnish), for example, is worth visiting.

Vaarinneva is located in Hämeenkangas, close to the Jämi region’s diverse tourist services and outdoor recreation and sports opportunities. The trail with rest stops is suitable for hiking with the kids. Geopark also has many other fascinating mire sites suitable for children. Read more in our article.

Photo: Laura Koivumäki, Vaarinneva

Alkkianvuori and Neva-Lyly

Alkkianvuori on the border of Parkano and Karvia is a great excursion destination with many special fetures special features. Get to know Alkkianvuori on the 4.5 km long geonaturepath, whose info panels have, in addition to text and image content, QR codes that open audio content that can be listened to on a mobile device. Have snacks in a nut by Alkkianlampi lake. Read more about Alkkianvuori (in Finnish).

Photo: Terttu Hermansson

The nearby Neva-Lyly is also worth visiting. Particularly children get excited about the stories of Willpertti on the duckboard path around the mire pond. The signboards have a particularly beautiful illustration. Snacks can be enjoyed at the campfire site by the lake. At Neva-Lyly, you can also heat the sauna freely and for free! Read more about Neva-Lyly.

Photo: Sinja Hosiasluoma

Discover the story of Geopark by cycling

Experience the last two billion years of the area’s history in the best possible way – by cycling through it. Learn about Geopark’s geological story of “From mountains to mires” on the new Two Billion Year Tours cycling route.

Photo: Niina Rautiainen, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

A true adventurer chooses the long Traveller route following the roads. On the shorter Enjoyer routes, you can cycle from the municipal centers to rural landscapes and nearby places of interest in no time.

The Adventurer mountain bike routes take you to Geopark’s most beautiful sights and offer particularly great nature experiences for those who enjoy riding a bike. You can find cycling routes and Welcome cyclist services on our Cycling page. Tip: Get inspired by cycling in Geopark through the videos!

Photo: Niina Rautiainen, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

Nature improves well-being

Calm down in the Geopark nature and forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. According to studies, nature improves well-being. Just being in the forest, which the Japanese call a forest bath, brings about many positive changes in your body and mind. Read more about the well-being effects of nature in our article.

Photo: Pasi Talvitie, Alkkianvuori

Easily and quickly accessible

Geopark is located near the largest cities in Western Finland and can be reached quickly. In a short moment, you are in the middle of the living countryside and in the wild nature sites of the area. For example, arrive in Parkano by train and continue your journey comfortably with a rental car. Read more about arrival on our website.

Photo: Hanna Tuuri, Parkano

Enjoy the services

Businesses in the area offer travelers versatile high-quality services. Check out the wide range on our Services page. Buy experiences easily through Geopark’s online store.

Photo: Einari Vuorinen, Korsukylä

In the cafes and restaurants, you can taste the region’s specialties. Wild berries, mushrooms and other local ingredients are prepared to special delicacies. In the farm stores and boutiques, you can make personal and unique purchases.

Photo: Einari Vuorinen, Meggala Winery

On a rainy autumn day and when the evenings are getting dark, you can just pull on woolen socks and rest under a blanket in the light of candles. Stay in a cabin, inn or hotel. You can find atmospheric accommodation options in Geopark on our Accommodation page.

Photo: Salaisen Puutarhan Majatalo

On guided tours and in various activities, you can fully enjoy the Geopark nature. Expert guides will take you to the finest destinations and tell the stories of them. You can also rent equipment for your own adventures. Read more on our Activities page.

Photo: Niina Rautiainen, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

After spending time outside, pamper yourself with, for example, peat treatments or bathing in a smoke sauna. Relax and enjoy wellness services inspired by the nature of the Geopark area. Read more on our Wellness page.

Photo: Jonna Helin, Pyhäniemi Wellbeing


Some picks of the current offer

Quality accommodation in Lauhanvuori

Lauhanvuori National Park is Geopark’s most versatile excursion destination. On Lauhanvuori, you can stay in Lauhansarvi’s holiday villas. Book and pay for your accommodation easily at Lauha’s online store.

Photo: Lauhatuotanto

An atmospheric candlelit trail in Isojoki

If you are near Lauhanvuori at the beginning of week 42, you should go with the family on an atmospheric candlelit trail to the center of Isojoki. Departure from the sports field at your own pace between 5:30 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., grilled sausages and juice will be served at the lean-to until 8:00 p.m. It is approx. 1.5 km from the sports field to the shelter. Along the route you will find various task. Bring a flashlight with you!

Photo: DIGIVAPA Project

Visoko takes you to Geopark’s nature

Get to know the beautiful Hämeenkangas area and promote your well-being on a guided excursion offered by Visoko. You will hear the geological history of the area and get to know Kuninkaanlähde spring, Jämi and the surroundings. Visoko’s methods are nature-based and certified services that are tailored professionally, individually and goal-oriented: deepening the connection with nature, Aistimetsä®, Asahi Health®, ©Metsämieli, Geopark Ranger, sustainable development. Read more at Visoko’s website and ask for an offer!

Photo: Visoko

Café Meteora’s cranberry smoothie

Café Meteora is a cozy lunch and fastfood café in the center Isojoki, close to Lauhanvuori National Park. Eat a tasty meal at Meteora or have a coffee with delicious homemade pastries. In autumn, you should especially try Meteora’s cranberry smoothie, superfood from Finland’s pure mire nature. Read more about Café Meteora.

Photo: Café Meteora

Postelli’s delicacies

Pop in to the atmospheric Kahvila-Konditoria Postelli to taste the home-baked delicacies! Postelli is located in a sympathetic old post office by Kankaanpää market. Also remember Christmas parties and order food from Postelli’s catering service to be delivered on site or elsewhere. Read more on Postelli’s website (in Finnish).

Photo: Laura Koivumäki

Hiking and swimming in Kauhajoki

Kauhajoki offers many wonderful hiking opportunities. For example, Katikankanjoni in the Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park and the Hyypänjokilaakso landscape area attract nature tourists. Also Alpo’s savannah and Kammi-kylä village are very unique places to visit. After a day of outdoor activities, primary school children still get excited about swimming in the warm pools. The city of Kauhajoki will organize a popular Pool Disco in Virkistysuimala Virkku on 19 October 2022. Read more on Virkku’s Facebook page (in Finnish).

Photo: Mirja Koivisto, Alpo’s savannah

Events at Meggala Winery

Visit the exciting and surprising fishbone and water themed Reconnect exhibition at Meggala Winery. The materials used for the works are the bones of pikes caught from lakes Venesjärvi and Verttuu. In the exhibition you can also see a fishing net from the 1860s, which was used to fish on Sinahmi, a former lake that was drained in the 1870s. The exhibition is organized by Viinitila Meggala and Katja Kiviranta #thelumousstory, a craftswoman from Turku. The exhibition is free and open during the winery’s opening hours. Check out other events as well! Read more on Meggala Winery’s website (in Finnish).

Photo: Meggala Winery


Have snacks by the campfire

Enjoy snacks by the campfire. You can also sit down to eat and admire the scenery at the beak of any stump. When sitting and eating snacks, you have time to notice even the smallest details of the environment. You can buy snacks with you from the cafés and restaurants in the area.

Photo: Niina Rautiainen, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

There are lots of great resting places where you can spend time by the campfire in Geopark. In most of the places there is firewood freely available to visitors. You can find the resting places on the map.

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Lauhanvuori National Park

Outdoor Etiquette

When hiking, it is always important to consider nature and other people. A smart hiker respects nature in every way, keeps pets in leashes, prevents debris from forming in advance, and brings debris out of the terrain and sorts it properly.

Please use marked trails and follow the rules for different modes of travel. Stay overnight only in marked camping areas.

Photo: Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland, Outdoor Etiquette

Campfires are allowed only on marked places. Always check the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s website for current warnings. During a forest or grass fire warning, fires are strictly prohibited. Learn more about Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland’s Outdoor Etiquette.

Read more about safety on a hiking trip and responsible tourism in Geopark in our articles.

Photo: Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland, Outdoor Etiquette


Experience Geopark through a film

Get to know the inhabitants, the culture and the nature of the area through Geopark’s In a blink of an eye promotional film. What we see in a blink of an eye is the result of billions of years of geological evolution.

Watch the video on YouTube and enjoy!

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Korsukylä

Main photo: Niina Rautiainen, Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park

Other photos: Terttu Hermansson, Mirja Koivisto

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Welcome to the autumn Geopark