Cycling routes

Explore the Geopark on the Traveler routes of the Two Billion Year Tours route or on the shorter Enjoyer routes suitable for day trips. Real adventures await on the Adventurer routes that run off-road and on gravel roads.

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On a two billion years tour.

Traveller – cycle touring routes

Overnight adventures on road for cycle tourers.

Two Billion Year Tours -a combination of three interconnected routes, which you can cycle separately or as a whole. The routes will lead you to the Geopark’s best places to visit and the most amazing landscapes, as well as the best services.

Enjoyer – easy local cycling

Peace of mind on local routes suitable for families and beginners.

On shorter local routes, you can take enjoyable bike trips to the most representative landscapes and interesting places to visit in the Geopark municipalities. The local routes are particularly suitable for one-day bike tours, also for beginners and families.

Adventurer – Seikkailureitit maastossa

Real adventures await on off-road and gravel roads.

Experience unforgettable bike adventures in Geopark on off-road and gravel paths. Explore Lauhanvuori National Park on the GeoBike route, and continue your trip to Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park along the gravel road. You can also cycle in the wonderful ridges of Hämeenkangas and on the Geopark’s other inviting forest trails.


Connecting routes to EuroVelo 10 route running along the coast. Two Billion Year Tours routes are also connected to the Lake trails -cycling routes.