The best way to learn about the Geopark is to experience it on site. The sites tell the history of the region from the past 1,900 million years ago to the present.

Welcome to the Geopark

The Geopark area offers great opportunities for small kids and schoolchildren as well as high school students and other groups of students to learn outdoors. On this page, we present Geopark as a learning environment and the teaching materials offered.

Environmental education in the Geopark

Geoparks tell the story of the Earth through the internationally valuable geology, living nature, landscapes and cultural heritage of the region. Local traditions, which are fostered in geoparks, originate from close interaction between people and the environment.
Environmental education is one of the most important tasks of geoparks. Understanding the area increases the desire to cherish its special features. The area and its history form the basis for sustainability today and in the future.
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From mountains to mires – the story of the Geopark

The story of Lauhanvuori – Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark “From mountains to mires” tells the evolution of the landscape from the mountain ranges 1.9 billion years ago to the present, low lying mires we see today. The mires of the area are highly valuable. One can learn about them on geo-sites and on guided routes. Read more about the area.

Services for groups

The companies in the Geopark area offer a wide range of services for groups. Guided tours, equipment rental, nature-related activities as well as food and accommodation services support learning in the Geopark.

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Field trips

Field trips for one day

There is a great variety of easily accessible sites to visit and easy hiking trails, rest places and other camping services in the Geopark. With the services provided by the companies of the area successful excursion days in the Geopark become true.

There are several easy mire excursion sites suitable for even the smallest pupils. Read more on the brochure.


The Geopark offers great possibilities for field trips lasting even for several days. Ask the Geopark staff for more information.

SAMK EduTravel offers Geopark Educamps for school groups coming from abroad. Read more.


Teaching materials

Coloring pages

Print coloring pages of our sites! The materials are available at

Photo: Tupu Vuorinen

Mire adventure with children

There are several mire destinations in the Geopark where hiking is easy, safe and comfortable even with children. You can find suitable destinations and tips in the brochure and in the related article.

The geological story of the Geopark told by computer animations

The seven-part series of computer animations makes you familiar with the geological story of Lauhanvuori – Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark. The bedrock formation and development, diverse soil and groundwater conditions, and phenomena caused by post-glacial uplift are well presented in the animations.

The animation series is published by Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland and can be viewed on YouTube. The animations are available only in Finnish. 


There is also another, six-part computer animation series that tells about the soil and the bedrock of the area, the history of the glacial period and the birth of mires.

The animation series is published by Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland and can be viewed on YouTube. The animations are available only in Finnish.


Virtual tours

Visit the Geopark virtually through 360 images and videos. Thematic tours presenting the sites of the area are available in the mobile guide of Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland.

On the map or through the destination search tool of the mobile guide you can learn about individual sites. 

Save the wetlands in the Wetland Game

How do human activities affect water bodies? What can we do to save wetland nature? In the WetlandGame, you can test the effects of your own actions on this highly endangered habitat. In the WetlandGame, the player has to make choices and consider e.g. businesses attitudes towards nature conservation. Read more about the Metsähallitus’ WetlandGame and play the online version of the game.

Photo: Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland

Photo bank

The photo bank contains pictures of Geopark’s sites and species. Photos may only be used for non-commercial educational purposes, such as lesson presentations. The name of the photographer must always be mentioned when using the image.

To the photo bank.

Ask for more information

Contact information

  • The staff of Lauhanvuori – Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark helps in planning the excursions
  • The customer service of Metsähallitus Parks and Wildlife Finland answers questions concerning its areas and services

Parkanon Säästöpankkisäätiö Foundation has supported the development of Geopark’s environmental education materials and the implementation of measures.

Welcome to visit the mires and other unique nature of the Geopark!