The mires, forests, lakes and rivers of the Geopark area dictate what can be found on our dinner plate.

Geology on a dish – GEOfood

The marshes, forests, lakes and rivers of the Geopark area dictate what can be found on our dinner plate. UNESCO Global Geoparks use the GEOfood brand to highlight the connection between geological heritage and local food. The international GEOfood label is already used around the world.

GEOfood leaflet

GEOfood meals can be found in our Geopark now in Lauhansarvi eco tourism center, and more are coming. See the GEOfood Lauha Land Elkburger-menü brochure!

GEOfood is used around the world

GEOfood is the official brand of local food and restaurants in UNESCO Global Geoparks, and it can only be used within the territory of an approved UNESCO Global Geopark. GEOfood is a registered trademark owned by Norwegian Magma UNESCO Global Geopark.

Already 16 UNESCO Global Geoparks have applied for GEOfood membership from Magma Geopark and more than 50 products and restaurants have been certified around the world. Lauhanvuori – Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark is a member of the GEOfood network. More information about the GEOfood concept and network can be found on the GEOfood website GEOfood products and restaurants are also marketed e.g. In GEOfood’s social media channels:


How can I use the GEOfood brand?

Lauhanvuori – Hämeenkangas Geoparkäs members can apply for the right to use the GEOfood brand using the attached form.

In order to brand your product as a GEOfood product, you must confirm that the food has been produced within the UNESCO Global Geopark and comply with the GEOfood criteria and the values defined in the GEOfood Manifesto (GEOfood Manifesto in English).

With the GEOfood brand, we value local producers and products, help strengthen cooperation between producers, restaurants and shops, raise awareness of the geological heritage among local people and help to create new jobs.

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