Lauhanvuori - Hämeenkangas UNESCo Global Geopark area consists of nine municipalities

Honkajoki – A pioneer of circular economy

Located in Northern Satakunta, Honkajoki with its 1,600 inhabitants offers visitors natural peace and exciting moments with motor sports in Pesämäki. The Karvianjoki River with its fishing and canoeing opportunities runs through the beautiful valley landscape while valuable wild wetlands and vast, rugged peaty forests call visitors to enjoy our nature.

Honkajoki merged with the town of Kankaanpää in 1.1.2021.

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Isojoki – the natural gem of Southern Ostrobothnia

With less than 2,000 inhabitants, Isojoki – the southernmost municipality of Southern Ostrobothnia – invites tourists for cultural delights and enchanting experiences in nature at the Lauhanvuori National Park and other nature sites. Take in the breathtaking views from the top of the observation tower at Lauhanvuori, the highest point in Western Finland.

Try the best burgers in town at the Kangasjärvi campsite and dip into the clear waters of Lake Kangasjärvi, one of the gems of our Geopark. Find the joys of fishing along the pure-water Isojoki River and watch as wild sea trout swims to the river’s headwaters. At the end of July, Isojoki hosts the annual Lauhan Spelit Festival, the biggest folk music event in Southern Ostrobothnia here in the heart of the Geopark. During the winter, Isojoki entices hikers, skiers and other tourists with landscapes like Lapland.

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Jämijärvi – Forget the hustle and bustle

Jämijärvi, a town of 1,700 inhabitants in Northern Satakunta, is a treasure trove for active travellers. Located on the Hämeenkangas ridge area, Jämi is a gift from Mother Nature to those who love to stay active. Open peaty forests offer trails for both hikers and bikers, and the numerous Sami huts and lean-to shelter huts are always a nice place to take a rest. Try your hand at paddling in the beautiful lake by the ridge. Jämi has a diverse range of aviation activities to offer. When you visit, you truly walk with your head in the clouds.

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Kankaanpää – Where intelligence, art and well-being meet

Kankaanpää is a regional centre of 11,500 inhabitants in Northern Satakunta. Kankaanpää’s award-winning city scape is accentuated by beautiful parks, brick architecture and the Taidekehä art collective, an urban art walk that includes more than one hundred permanent pieces.

The town known best for its baseball also offers versatile exercise opportunities that challenge both fitness enthusiasts and active tourists. Try skiing on the smart track where smart lighting systems save electricity. Nearby Hämeenkangas ridge is made for fun trips to nature. Trailer tourists should check out the Kuninkaanlähde caravan park. Experience the agricultural history of the area in the nationally valuable landscape area of Vihteljärvi-Riihonlahti.

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Karijoki – Grow up safely

Located on the southwest side of Southern Ostrobothnia, Karijoki with its 1,200 inhabitants dazzles tourists with open landscapes and a peek into the far-away past of humanity in close proximity to nature. It is possible that Neanderthals lived in the Susiluola wolf cave in Karijoki as early as 120,000 years ago. You can explore this ancient dwelling at Susiluola itself and at the cave exhibition in the Old Karijoki Town Hall.

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Karvia – You can go your own way

In the northernmost municipality of Satakunta, the town of Karvia with 2,300 inhabitants is known for its volunteer spirit. Tourists get to enjoy art and nature alike. For a small municipality, the range of culture on offer is vast. Inspired by a fortress located in the area in the Middle Ages, the Culture and Event Centre Skantz acts as a venue for many prime events. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature especially in the Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park.

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Kauhajoki – Lively commercial centre

Kauhajoki with its 13,200 inhabitants and two national parks is a regional centre in Southern Ostrobothnia. In Kauhajoki, visitors get to experience the harmony between culture and nature at great attractions. The Hyypänjokilaakso Valley, reminiscent of the large river valleys in Lapland, is a nationally valuable landscape area and one of the largest natural formations in Western Finland. Impressive views over fields once cleared on the flooded wetlands by the river remind of the long agricultural history of the area. Eroded by water, the Katikankanjoni Canyon is a magically beautiful destination where relaxing is easy. Its mystical river channels create surface forms that are very rarely encountered in the western Finnish landscape.

Tourists can also visit some of the many interesting museums in the city. In addition to the local history museum, you can also check out a Chamber of Parliament from the Winter War period and the unique Veterans’ Heritage House, which tells the stories of past wars and home fronts.

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Kihniö – Nature and leisure

One of the best places to discover nature in the Pirkanmaa region is in the north-west corner of area, in Kihniö with its 1,900-inhabitants. Best attractions include the fancy Pyhäniemi beach, majestic Käskyvuori hill and the Taimenkoski River. Quiet forests, large wetland areas and dozens of lakes will make you feel like you’re surrounded by pure wilderness. Explore the history of the area and its most notable people at the charming Aitoneva peat museum or Puumila Taitotalo venue.

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Parkano – Highway to development

The well-connected Parkano, the regional centre of 6,400 inhabitants, is located in the north-west of Pirkanmaa where it acts as a gateway to Geopark for many tourists. Parkano’s diverse cultural range as well as its great natural sites have something for every visitor. One of the most interesting attractions is the Forestry Museum: just off the beautiful coast of Lake Kaidatvedet, the museum is dedicated to the history of forestry. After a visit to the museum, pick a nature trail to enjoy a hike in diverse lake landscapes and wonders of nature. Or why not hop on a lake cruise or rent a canoe to see the lake?

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Siikainen – Nature ahead

Discover the unique peasant architecture of Northern Satakunta in Siikainen with its 1,400 inhabitants. Siikainen is specially known for its hexagonal, ornamental glass windows which are a sign of the area becoming more prosperous in the 19th century. The valuable landscape of Siikainen is divided into wilderness areas, raised bogs and lakes. Climb to the observation tower at Katselmankallio to admire the large protected wetland areas that open underneath.

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