The best sledding hills in the Geopark

Take a sled with you, tie your hat carefully and come to try the best sledding hills of the Geopark where kids, youngsters as well as adults run wild.

Find your nearest sledding hill

There are great sledding hills all over the Geopark area. Choose the nearest one or test them all!

  • Isojoki, the school yard, Kristiinantie 17 (62.11890, 21.95762)
  • Jämijärvi, Jämi, Jämintie 653 (61.77704, 22.71911)
  • Kankaanpää, Monttu, Toivontie 1 (61.80679, 22.38674)
  • Karijoki, Paarmanninvuori, Kristiinantie 167 (62.30189, 21.67973)
  • Karvia, Torro, Torrontie 161 (62.14431, 22.59605)
  • Kauhajoki, Sotka, Sotkantie 113 (62.41367, 22.22170)
  • Kihniö, Pyhäniemi, Pyhäniementie 251/20 (62.18489, 23.12918)
  • Parkano, Kairokoski, Parkanontie 118 (62.01948, 23.02285)
  • Siikainen, the school yard, Lauttijärventie 8 (61.87994, 21.82121)

Photo: Pasi Talvitie, Hämeenkangas

Enjoy by the campfire

Sledding will definitely make everybody hungry. What could be nicer than sitting down for a while and eating delicious snacks. Eating by the campfire is the most fun, but the snacks taste good also anywhere else outdoors. Make sure that you have a warm seat bad with you. You can find the campfire places of the Geopark on the Retkikartta online map service. Please pay attention to the corona virus instructions and the Outdoor etiquette of Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland while staying in the campfire sites.

Photo: Terttu Hermansson, Lauhanvuori National Park

Treats served

After sledding, decent food tastes good and extra delicacy, e.g. some chocolate cake and a warming drink, is all that matters. You can find Geopark’s restaurants and cafés near your sledding hill on the Geopark’s Services page.

Photo: Sirkku Ylikoski / Valkoinen Puu, Kauhajoki

Main photo: Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland, Jari Salonen / NaturPro Films